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Welcome to Annaberg-Buchholz


Annaberger Weihnachtsmarkt

25.11.2016 - 23.12.2016 | Annaberg Christmas Market

Crowned by the famous St. Anne's Church, the Annaberg Christmas Market beckons to visitors from the heart of the historic district. This hallmark of ...

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18.12.2016 | Grand Mountain Parade

In Annaberg-Buchholz the colorful presentation is traditionally carried out on the fourth Advent. Shaping the Grand Mountain Parade of Saxon ...

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01.01.2017 - 26.02.2017 | Ore Mountain Ice Skating Arena

Ice skating for young and old in the heart of the city of mountains and Adam Ries every year from the beginning of January to the end of ...

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Berggottesdienst in der Bergkirche St. Marien

14.01.2017 | Historic Mountain Church Service

Every year on the second Saturday in January, a special highpoint of mining life draws visitors to the only mountain church in Saxony. The yearly ...

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Schnitzertage 2016

04.03.2017 - 05.03.2017 | Ore Mountain Woodcarving Days

Numerous woodcarving associations, independent artists, and renowned woodcarvers have made the demonstration workshop at the Erzhammer the first ...

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Friday, 09.12.2016
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Mailing Address
Tourist Information Center
Buchholzer Straße 2
09456 Annaberg-Buchholz
phone number
+49 3733 19433
fax number
+49 3733 5069755
Opening Times
10:00am - 6:00pm
24th/31st December:
10:00am - 2:00pm
1st January:
12:00am - 6:00pm
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public transport
Public Transportation
Bus: Lines A, B, C, D, G
"Markt" (Market) stop
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