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International fabulix® Festival of Fairy Tales in Annaberg-Buchholz

Historic District Annaberg
05/07/2023 to


Ore mountains capital Annaberg-Buchholz will once again turn into a fairy-tale film town from 28 August until 1 September 2019. About 20.000 visitors were thrilled by this event two years ago.
The most attractive and latest national and international productions will be shown at the 2nd International fabulix® Festival of Fairy Tales under the heading “Fairy tales about silver and gold” in the “Erzgebirge Mining Region” UNESCO World Heritage area. An extremely varied programme with readings and workshops, exhibitions of props and costumes as well as a gala concert and a fairy-tale parade will enchant people of all ages at several adventure areas. Many stars, actors and actresses, film-makers and directors are expected to attend.
The Prince and Princess of Lippe, members of Europe’s aristocracy, are the patrons. The internationally well-known actress, Karin Ugowski, has been appointed as the honorary president of this year’s festival. The event’s director is the lyricist, musical producer and media manager, Filip Albrecht, from Prague. He has worked for stars like Karel Gott, Helena Vondráčková and Pavel Trávníček – and still does so.
This festival features something for every lover of fairy tales – 40 movies in all from 15 different countries, including the Czech Republic, Russia, Croatia, France and the USA – as well as 130 film screenings ranging from classics to new productions and even cartoons and animated movies. Visitors can look forward to seeing films like the Russian fairy tale “I am Dragon”, the French production “Ivan Tsarevitch and the changing princess” and the movie that won four Oscars and is entitled “The Shape of Water” (USA 2017). Three Czech fairy-tale films, produced in 2018, will celebrate their premiere at the festival: “The Secret of the Two-headed Dragon” (Kdyľ draka bolí hlava), “The Magic Quill” (Čertí brko) and “Devilry” (Čertoviny). Actors or directors of these movies have promised to attend – including Zdeněk Troska, Kateřina Broľová and Dominick Benedikt.
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Altstadt Annaberg
09456 Annaberg-Buchholz
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