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Leonty Usov – sculptor from Siberia

Leonty Usov
Leonty Usov

Leonty Usov - sculptor from Siberia

2020 October, 22nd till 2021 june, 13th

Due to the corona, with long breaks, Manufaktur der Träume in Annaberg-Buchholz presented with the special exhibition "Leonty Usov - a sculptor from Siberia" an impressive show of unspoilt, surrealistic sculpture from Siberia: finest sculptures made from Siberian cedar wood, portraits and allegories.

Leonty Usov's portrait sculptures, including portraits of Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven or Salvador Dalí, build a bridge between apparently completely different worlds. With the extremely finely crafted sculptural work in wood, the special exhibition definitely makes a reference to the local carving and sculpting tradition. Other works also set a slightly ironic accent that contrasts with everything that is common and expected here in our region and tradition.

Leonty Usov himself describes his art as "neorealism". His works also show clear references to Expressionism, but above all to Surrealism - especially to Salvador Dalí's forms of expression. Usov deals intensively with the latter in his work. At the same time, this art is characterized by a powerful and unspoilt closeness to nature, which clearly reveals its Siberian origins.


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