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Arrival and Parking

Vehicle access on federal highways

Coming from the direction of Chemnitz and Oberwiesenthal, the KÄT can be reached on the B 95.
Visitors from the Freiberg, Zschopau, and Marienberg directions can reach the largest fair in the Ore Mountains by way of the B 101, intersection B 95/B 101, and the B 95.
It is recommended that visitors coming from the Aue/Schwarzenberg direction take the B 101 and intersection B 95/B 101 to Annaberg KÄT.


Visitors are asked to follow the parking routing system, especially the signs marked as "P KÄT". These are set up along federal highways B95 and B101. They lead to the central KÄT parking lot at the approach to the Pöhlberg, the so-called "mixing area".
Handicapped parking can be found below the fair in the Lindenstraße/ Schutzteich area as well as at the approach to the Pöhlberg and taxi stands are located at the lower entrance to KÄT on Ernst-Roch-Straße.

Local public transportation

It is recommended that you use public transportation whenever possible. Bus lines run from Aue, Chemnitz, Marienberg, Schwarzenberg, Zschopau, Oberwiesenthal, and other locations to the main bus station for Annaberg-Buchholz. From there, the city bus lines B, C, and D will take you towards Kätplatz. From the main bus station take line B, from the Wolkensteiner Tor stop take line C, and from the Geyersdorfer Straße stop take line D (above the main bus station) towards Kätplatz.

Guests traveling on the Ore Mountain Train Line (Erzgebirgsbahn) will be able to get out at the lower Annaberg-Buchholz train station and take city transportation line A to the main bus station. On weekdays city transportation line B will take you directly to the Kätplatz.


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