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Like Food Straight from Grandma's Oven

Like Food Straight from Grandma's Oven

There are plenty of culinary discoveries to make at the Annaberg Christmas Market. Even though bratwurst and mulled wine remain absolutely indispensable, it is the typical Ore Mountain dishes and their idiosyncratic names that arouse curiosity.
With the slogan: "Like food straight from Grandma's oven", recipes typical for the region are reinterpreted for the guests of the Annaberg Christmas Market. Buttermilk "Getzen" pie and "Lumpensupp" soup, "Griene Klitscher" pancakes and "Schwammebrie" sauce, "Taagplinsen" and "Kreitersupp" soup are typical Ore Mountain dishes.
But that's just not enough! Every year the hosts will select an Ore Mountain specialty and offer guests their very own take on the dish. Was it delicious? Then you can obtain the recipe for each one free of charge at the booth.
Of course there's no getting by without the famous "Neinerlaa" Christmas dinner. The traditional Ore Mountain holiday dinner on Christmas Eve made up of nine components is preserved with all of its symbolism even to this day. You just have to try out the "Hütte" and the city hall cellar "Zum Neinerlaa".
But the most traditional Christmas pastry of the region is the original Ore Mountain butter stollen cake. It consists of flour, sugar, candied lemon peel, sultanas, a bit of rum, sweet things, bitter almonds, and butter of course and is now sent around the world, while also being available for purchase at the Stollenhaus at the Christmas market.



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