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Neunerlei / Neinerlaa Dinner

Neinerlaa Dinner

The Neinerlaa (also called Neunerlaa, Neunerlei) is the typical Ore Mountain Christmas Eve meal and consists of nine different foods.  It is a traditional meal at which participants express their hopes and dreams for the coming year. Each of the nine foods has a special meaning in this context.

The Neinerlaa consists of:
1. Bratwurst
2. Cooked dumplings (potato dumplings)
3. Sauerkraut
4. Melted butter
5. Celery
6. Bread pudding
7. Blueberry compote
8. Bread
9. Salt

Dumplings represent the promise of great fortune, lentils on the other hand represent small change, and the hope is that you won't run out of either one in the coming year.
Bread and salt must be on the table, otherwise there may not be any during the coming year.
Sauerkraut is important for the growth of grain - straw was important for the barn and house.
Red beets guarantee beauty and celery guarantees potency and fruitfulness.
Many variations on the original dishes have developed and of course every family claims that what they put on the table is the original Neunerlei.
The Neinerlaa is eaten on the evening of December 24th right at 6 pm, the table is decorated with a white table cloth, bread and salt are placed beside the table's candle, which is lit by the father. In earlier times, candles were also lit on the Christmas tree, Schwibbogens, miners, and angels.
After the meal, the bread, salt, and candle are wrapped in the table cloth and remain on the table until the morning.
At Advent and Christmas time it is possible to experience the Neunerlei during a cozy meal at one of the many restaurants in Annaberg-Buchholz. In our restaurant register you will find an overview of the restaurants and inns in our city.


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