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What's New at the Market & the Joy of Collecting

Schwibbogen Candle Arches

The new items being presented at the Annaberg Christmas market should stand out at first glance. To this end, a special Schwibbogen display case was erected on the roof of "Naschwichtel" and has been presenting items in a special way ever since.
It displays the "Annaberg Folded Star" from the Kraft Book Bindery in blue-white, owls & elves from Kuhnert Turnery, little incense ovens from Jürgen Huss Incense Candle Manufacturers, and bowls & candle holder made of fine hand-blown Bohemian glass from Väterchen Frost.

Mulled wine mugs

Mulled wine mugs bearing motifs from the Miner's Nativity

Who doesn't know the proverbial joy of collecting... The mulled wine mugs of the Annaberg Christmas Market have borne motifs of the Miner's Nativity since 2002 and have since become a popular collector's item.

  • 2002 (yellow) It started with a motif featuring the holy family and showing Joseph as a mountain carpenter.
  • 2003 (brown) In 2003 it wasn't three wise men from the Orient, but rather mining officials from the Freiberg, Annaberg, and Schneeberg mining regions.

In the following years, figure groups were presented featuring ordinary citizens of the city from the 16th century proclaiming the redeemer's birth within their respective spheres of influence.

  • 2004 (dark blue)The mug featured the beggar and constable from the "Town Watch" group.
  • 2005 (green) The mug shows the teacher, priest, and choir boy from the "Scholars" group.
  • 2006 (red) Callers and listeners from the group "City Discussion" were on display.
  • 2007 (dark green) The mug for the Christmas market showed the grandchild from the group "Children" together with the master from the group "Baker's Family".
  • 2008 (light blue) The "Mountain Smith" from the "Jesus Christ" group was chosen for the motif of the mulled wine mug.
  • 2009 (dark red) Miners wer shown on the mug.
  • 2010 (lilac) The motif are little girls, who do bobbin lace.
  • 2011 (yellow)The peddler and the market woman.
  • 2013 (mint)The Annaberg night watchmen
  • 2014 (dark blue)The baker's wife
  • 2015 (orange) The shoemaker and the farmer joined the motif collection.
  • 2016 (black)The mulled wine cups were supplemented by the motives of the butcher and forest workers.
  • 2017 (charmonix-white) The collection was expanded with the fifteenth cup, which shows the councilman and a female lace maker.
  • 2018 (silver gray) the innkeeper with cat

In 2019 the collection was extended with the seventeenth mug in orange, showing a miner.

Mugs can be obtained exclusively from the mulled wine stands at the Annaberg Christmas Market and in the museum gift shop of the Factory of Dreams/Tourist Information Center.


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