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Search tipps for users

The full text search evaluates all pages and PDF files of the web site.

Using the menu »Search in« you can limit your search to specific areas (eg German pages). If you select none, it will be searched in all areas.

The menu »Search Word is" offers you the opportunity to search for whole words or word elements. If you select none, any variations are found.

If you enter more than one word as the search term without further restriction, you will get a list of pages that contain all or part of the search terms.

In order to find combined expressions , put your terms please in quotes: eg "Deutsches Hygiene Museum".

You can connect and specify your search terms
Use logical operators (and / or / not) in the following notation:

  • & (= and)
  • | (= or)
  • ~ (= not)

The search will be affected as follows:

  • Katze & Hund:
    Search for documents containing "Katze" and "Hund".
  • Katze | Hund:
    Search for documents containing one or both of the words "Katze" and "Hund".
  • Katze ~ Hund:
    Search for documents containing "Katze" but not "Hund"..

In addition you may affect the action of the operators with parentheses, as is known from mathematics:

  • (Hund ~ Katze) | (Katze ~ Maus):
    Searches for documents that contain the word "Hund" but not the word "Katze", and for documents with the word "Katze", in which the word "Maus" is not found.