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"… according to Adam Ries(e) that would be ..." expression common throughout the German-speaking world that today still implies that the solution is correct. But who is this mathematical giant, or "Rechenriese" as they say, who lived from 1492 to 1559 and why has his name endured over a half a millennium?

Answers to all of these questions can be found in the former residence of the mathematical master and Saxon mountain official in the Annaberg-Buchholz of the Ore Mountains. The residence is now the Adam Ries Museum - a true mathematical treasure chest. The only of their kind in the world, three arithmetic books by Adam Ries that went into print between 1518 and 1550, his "Brotordnung" (Pricing Guide) as well as a long-hidden jewel, "Adam Riesens Coß", which is one of the most significant algebra manuscripts of the 16th century, are available to admire in the original edition. Master works from other great intellectuals of the Renaissance also wait to be discovered.

After touring the museum, guests big and small can learn "calculating on lines" in the Annaberg mathematics school just as it would have been taught in Adam Ries' times, so that everyone - according to Adam Ries - "can derive fun and enjoyment from understanding mathematics".

One of the loveliest places in town - the Johannisgasse and the Adam-Ries-Museum!
mathematics school
Mathematics school in the Adam-Ries-Museum




Mailing Address
Adam Ries Museum
Johannisgasse 23
09456 Annaberg-Buchholz
phone number
+49 3733 22186
fax number
+49 3733 429087
Opening Times
Tuesday - Friday
10 - 4 p.m.
midday - 4 p.m.
Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, Ascension Day, German unity Day, Reformation Day
midday - 4 p.m. (closed if the day in question is a Monday)
Christmas eve - 2nd Christmas Day
10 - 1 p.m. (closed if the day in question is a Monday)
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