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Frohnauer Hammer

We are World Heritage!

The fully functional 17th Century water-driven hammer mill is one of the main components of the Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří Mining Region World Heritage Site. Visitors can experience the old technology in action and visit the former master smiths' living quarters in the mansion.

Germany’s Oldest Blacksmith Museum

Frohnauer Hammer is one of the most famous destinations and points of interest in the Ore Mountains.
It is the oldest museum in the city, having arisen from a flour mill constructed in 1436 that later served as a coin and hammer forge. Until 1904, tools for mining and farming were produced here.
The museum tour starts by showing visitors the historic hammer forge, where the small hammer and functional bellows are demonstrated. An exhibit on the upper floor displays the objects that were once created here. The presentation in the Folk Art Gallery (Volkskunstgalerie) opposite the mill is dedicated to topics involving mining and the folk art of carving. The tour concludes in the manor house completed in 1697. In the living quarters of the former hammer master's family, the Martin family, a bobbin lace maker will explain and demonstrate the traditional technique of Ore Mountain bobbin lacemaking.

400 years of Frohnauer Hammer

400 years of Frohnauer Hammer

The world heritage site Frohnauer Hammer is celebrating its 400th anniversary this year according to new scientific findings. Because the year that was assumed to be the year the property was founded has been controversial so far. With an anniversary exhibition, a newly erected sculpture made from the wood of the former Frohnauer Hammer linden tree, a commemorative medal and the publication "Frohnau Hammer - 90 Jahre Medaillenkunst", the Frohnau Hammer will be particularly honored this year.


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Based on the orders of the Saxon State Government the museums are currently closed.
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